Kalamazoo-based Genemarkers hires CEO as all signs indicate growth

Genemarkers, a Kalamazoo-based biotech company specializing in the application of genomic science to health care, pharmaceutical research, and consumer product development has appointed J. Michael Getz as Chief Executive Officer.  Previously serving as Co-owner and Treasurer of Detroit Oxygen & Medical Equipment Company (Detroit Oxygen), Getz brings over 30 years of experience in health care administration and health care supply management to the genomic technologies and pharmacogenomic (PGX) testing provider.  In his previous role at Detroit Oxygen, Mike negotiated joint venture relationships and contracts with major Michigan-based hospitals.

“We first hired Mike as a consultant, but it was clear from the get-go that he was going to help us reach the next level.” Anna Langerveld, founder of Genemarkers.  “I am a PhD scientist and Mike has an MBA from the University of Michigan.  It just made sense. More importantly, I founded Genemarkers on the core principles of quality, integrity, and service. It was apparent that Mike and I shared these values right away.”

“PGX testing can help ensure that you’re prescribed the right medication, what’s known as personalized or precision medicine, so that there’s less risk for adverse effects” Getz explained. “Our genomic technologies are clearly aligned with the future of the marketplace. Not surprisingly, health care systems are interested in this testing as a way to improve outcomes and control costs.”

A PGX test analyzes mutations in genes associated with drug metabolism and targeting.  Health care professionals can use the test results to make informed decisions about the most safe and effective medications for an individual based on their unique genetics.  “It allows us to predict how an individual will respond to a specific drug based on the presence or absence of markers in DNA,” Dr. Langerveld continued.  “Nearly everyone has a genetic mutation affecting drug metabolism.”

“I’m excited about joining the Genemarkers team. It’s a great group that is truly dedicated to providing a service that can improve patient care,” Getz said.

Dr. Langerveld will continue as President and Chief Scientific Officer, overseeing the development of new testing services, including a new test to help address opioid addiction.

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Christie Dando, FACMPE, Business Office Manager at Genemarkers, LLC awarded “Administrator of the Year” by the Michigan Medical Group Management Association

Genemarkers is proud to announce that Christie Dando has been recognized as a leader in Medical Group Management by the Michigan Division of the Medical Group Management Association (MiMGMA). Christie was awarded “Administrator of the Year” at a luncheon held September 30 at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. This annual award, according to the MiMGMA website, “recognizes a medical group practice administrator…who has exhibited exceptional leadership and management proficiency. This individual has also enhanced the effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare in his or her practice and the community through a recent, noteworthy achievement.”

“Christie, with over 20 years of administrative experience under her belt, was a natural choice to bring on board the Genemarkers team,” says Genemarkers CEO J. Michael Getz.  “We are poised for growth and needed someone with the experience running a rapidly growing medical practice. She is a pleasure to work with and we are extremely proud that she has been recognized by her peers with such a prestigious award.”

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Genemarkers, LLC and Genoskin, Inc. announce partnership to advance clinical studies of topical solutions

Genemarkers and Genoskin are pleased to announce they have formed a partnership to provide exceptional value and service to researchers in the fields of cosmetic and pharmaceutical topical solutions. The Companies are currently performing collaborative work to understand how cannabidiol (CBD) acts in the skin.

Genemarkers is a leader in applying state-of-the-art genomics technologies to personal care, nutritional and pharmaceutical research. Working with a wide range of customers, Genemarkers’ gene expression profiling and genotyping services helps identify biomarkers and elucidate biological mechanisms of action for new products. The data is used to enhance the product development process and validates the efficacy of topical products.

Genoskin is the global leader in providing the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry with ready-to-use immunocompetent and injectable human skin assays. Their ex vivo human skin models simplify the culture, treatment and manipulation of human skin for research and analysis. Their technology accelerates product development while de-risking clinical testing.

“We have worked with Genoskin models in many of our studies,” says Anna Langerveld, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Genemarkers. “Their real human skin models provide a much-needed bridge between in vitro work and clinical studies. Validating efficacy in Genoskin’s ex vivo models helps streamline costs and ensure a successful clinical trial.” Pascal Descargues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Genoskin adds, “as we look at the future of product development and consider how to enhance our products and services to better serve our clients, a formal partnership with Genemarkers only makes sense. Working together will allow us to streamline procurement, reduce total time from proposal to report and save our clients money while delivering industry-leading clinical grade-results.”

To learn about how Genemarkers & Genoskin can advance your research, please contact Anna Langerveld at Genemarkers at anna@genemarkersllc.com or Pascal Descargues at Genoskin at pascal.descargues@genoskin.com.

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Genemarkers sponsors Gryphon Place Suicide Prevention Walk

Genemarkers was proud to be a sponsor again for the 6th annual Gryphon Place Suicide Prevention Walk. The walk took place on Saturday, September 28th at Arcadia Creek in Kalamazoo, MI, coinciding with National Suicide Prevention Month.

We walked together to help raise awareness for suicide prevention and support the important work of Gryphon Place in helping those in crisis and conflict in the local Kalamazoo community. Learn more about Gryphon Place at gryphon.org.

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