Genemarkers detailed how a new gene expression panel tests the biological efficacy of CBD extracts and the cosmetic formulas containing them at the Annual Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant. Its effects are mediated through the CB1 and CB2 skin receptors, whose expression initiates signaling cascades relevant to both pain and inflammation.

Our data demonstrate that the topical application of CBD regulates over 150 genes in the skin. This likely affects wound healing, pigmentation, aging, acne, and more—all important considerations for companies developing skincare products.

Recent research suggests that CBD can also influence the epidermal skin barrier, hydration, and wound healing, which positively affect skin conditions like psoriasis.

Patterns of gene expression differ based on the vehicle, extract purity, and concentration, so Genemarkers recommends additional testing of individual skincare products.

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Download the Scientific Poster for Our New CBD Gene Expression Panel

Learn about the biological efficacy of CBD extracts and its applications for product development.