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“Stress, diet and toxins can all influence gene expression, and in-vitro investigations have now identified several classes of environmental chemicals that modify epigenetic marks.”
– Cosmetics Design

Epigenetics is a new trend in the skin care industry and is based on the interpretation of information, helping to understand the regulation of complex processes in the skin.”
– Global Cosmetics News

“The cosmetic industry has taken serious interest and has begun to develop new anti-aging products that target epigenetic processes.”
– Cosmetics & Toiletries

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Genomics in Personal Care & Nutrition

Genemarkers is a leader in applying state-of-the-art genomics technologies to personal care and nutritional research. We work with a wide range of customers, from raw materials suppliers to multi-national finished products companies. Our services are used to enhance the product development process and to validate the efficacy of finished products. Our hands-on approach ensures the most appropriate study design and technology is used to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Our Core Services

  • Cell culture methods – keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes, adipocytes, 3d skin models
  • Nucleic acid isolation (DNA and RNA) from cultured cells, blood, buccal swabs, saliva, skin (punch biopsies and tape strips), hair follicles, sweat glands, small tissue and FFPE samples
  • Gene expression – qPCR and microarray
  • Genotyping – SNP analysis, copy number, insertion/deletion
  • Cellular assays – cell viability (LDH, MTT), collagen, tyrosinase
  • Custom assay development and validation
  • Statistical data analysis and bioinformatics
  • UV Exposure of In Vitro Cell Models

Our Solutions

Custom Research


We work as your scientific partner from beginning to end. We start with planning with you upfront to ensure the most efficient and successful study design.


We process samples quickly and accurately to ensure that you can move your personal care product through the development process more productively.


We provide comprehensive data analysis and interpretation. This allows you to take direct action from the results, saving valuable time sifting through information.

Gene Expression Panels

Genemarkers has developed gene expression panels for skin biology research. The panels are a cost-effective way for many customers to get started using genomics in their product development. Contact us for the list of genes included on each panel and a sample report.

MicroRNA Panel

Standard Skin Biology Panel

Skin Brightening Panels – Expanded & Basic

Custom Panels can be created for specific areas of interest

Genomics In the News

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