Discovery & Translational Research

Genemarkers provides contract research services that support the identification and validation of genomic-based biomarkers. Our services enhance the discovery of new pathways and help expedite decisions regarding compounds in development. Study sponsors include research scientists from the pharmaceutical, biotech, molecular diagnostics and academic industries. Genemarkers maintains a high customer retention rate – a testimony to our exceptional service.

Services Offered

Genemarkers maintains a comprehensive quality system in compliance with CLIA regulations. Our quality system ensures a high level of data integrity.

  • Scientific consulting
  • Project management
  • Custom assay development and validation
  • Protocol development and review
  • Cell culture methods
  • Nucleic acid isolation (DNA and RNA) from blood, buccal swabs, saliva, skin (punch biopsies and tape strips), small tissue and FFPE samples
  • Targeted genotyping – SNP analysis, copy number, insertion/deletion
  • Expression analysis – mRNA expression, microRNA expression
  • Sample receipt and disposition
  • Technology/methods transfer
  • Statistical data analysis, management and interpretation
  • Custom reporting

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