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Precision Medication Management

Clinical Testing

Our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to physicians, healthcare professionals and patients by providing quality testing services. Pharmacogenomics is being implemented into routine clinical practice as the medical and pharmaceutical industries move from a one-size-fits-all model to a personalized medicine approach. PGX testing can improve medication management by reducing trial and error prescribing, minimizing adverse drug reactions, improving medication compliance and quality of life, and managing health costs.

PGX In The News

Manchester joins partnership to offer pharmacogenomics training program

December 15, 2016, The Journal Gazette – Manchester University, RxGenomix and the American Pharmacists Association have teamed up to offer online training in pharmacogenomics (PGx). RxGenomix is working with the northeast Indiana university to help pharmacists and pharmacy students understand the fundamentals of PGx. […]

Following Newborn Pharmacogenomics Program, Inova Launches PGx Testing for Adults

November 17, 2016, Genome Web – After successfully rolling out a program that provided free pharmacogenomics profiling for newborns, the Inova Translational Medicine Institute is now offering PGx analysis for its adult patients. Currently, the PGx test, known as MediMap, is available through Inova’s concierge medicine program, but John Deeken, Inova’s chief operating officer, told GenomeWeb that the institute is working out details to offer it more broadly. […]

Getting Pharmacogenomics Into the Clinic

September 21, 2016, JAMA -What if there were a way to know if a depressed patient would respond to an antidepressant—before it was prescribed? Or to predict a bleeding event from an antiplatelet therapy? In recent years, advances in genetic testing have made such drug-response predictions possible for patients with certain gene variants. […]

Consortium Antidepressant Guidelines Represent a ‘Template for Psychiatric Precision Medicine’

September 13, 2016, Monthly Prescribing Reference – If fluoxetine is prescribed to a patient known to be a poor metabolizer of CYP2D6, should the dose be reduced or an alternative medication prescribed? […]

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